Im looking for unwanted metals to use for various projects. I'm not going to scrap them for cash, I want to use the metal for welding, fabricating, casting and other projects. I can pay for it above scrap price if necessary.
Looking to adopt a Love Bird, gender not important. I currently have 1 love bird looking to adopt another as a companion for my 5 yr old bird. Can meet between pinegrove and Mt Union or huntingdon. Thank you
Hello! I'd like to try using a mill (like those used for grains) to grind some tough spices like cinnamon and hard seed such as cumin and peppercorns.
I purchased this juicer at a fundraiser and realized when I got home that it's missing 2 parts to convert the juicer into the food processor. If you have this device and aren't using it, or you have parts, would love to make mine complete! Thank you :)
Getting hangers for a clothing swap at our church for next weekend. Thank you!
blinds need not be in working condition. Vinyl slats are going to be used as plant markers for Master Gardener projects.
WANTED: Last Season Freezer Meats/Game or Farm/Unwanted Freezer IF YOUR THINKING ABOUT Cleaning Your Freezer for Hunting Season or In General? PLEASE DON T THROW IT OUT. We are looking for raw, fresh or frozen meat that is NOT... diseased, spoiled or seasoned (w/brine or spices. Non-carnivore meat). Lightly freezer burned frozen meat is fine. It can 1-2 yrs old. IF YOU HUNT (i.e. duck, rabbit, ...
Hello, If anyone has any vintage mens watches, working or not, that they no longer want please let me know. Thank you
Wanted: "Life is Good" t-shirts for a t-shirt quilt. Stains (including paint), tears, split collars and cuffs are not an issue. Thanks!
Hi, I was wondering if anybody has a play pen for dogs they no longer need. I don't have a fenced in yard and would like to let my dogs free in a fenced area. Thank you!
We'd love some extra top soil to spruce up a large garden bed at our church building. Doesn't need to be great dirt, just not filled with weeds and rocks, please. If you have a pile of dirt you want to get rid of, we'd be glad to take it off your hands. Thanks so much!