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Nice condition Browning Safari Compound bow. Right handed bow.55 - 70 lbs draw weight, adjustable via screw on limbs.50 let-off28-30 draw length.It has a very nice hard case, finger tabs, and arm protectors.Cobra pin sight and Browning brand detachable arrow quiver.I have at least a dozen arrows, most are Baer brand arrows. The fletching is in rough shape, they are old and the plastic has disin...
The bow is 55-70 lbs. and is currently adjusted to a 29 draw length. It is fast and quiet in spite of the fixed arrow rest. Attached are Keller pendulum sights which are easily adjusted.The arrows are Beman ICS 500 carbon fiber but most of the fletching is in poor condition. They can be peeled off and replaced with heat-shrink fletchings.
Merlin Tempest Single Cam Compound Bow, Belt Quiver, Foam Block Target - $125 Cash Only
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I just wanted to see what someone would trade me for all of this. I may trade if the deal is good but for now I just want to see whats out there. If you have any questions let me know. Crossbow- Quad 400 Xtreme Barnett $300Hard case- Plano Pillarlock $100Compound bow- 2011 Matthews Z7 $500NewSoft case $60NewTRU BALL release $40Yellow Jacket target $50NewFoxpro Crossfire $400NewJack Rabbit $50Cl...
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